February 2017

February is a hopeful time as the days grow longer, we start seeds in the greenhouse, and plant in the ground in the hoop houses. It has been a unique month with t-shirt weather, thunderstorms, and snowy cold.

After a very helpful volunteer workday (thank you!) of pulling out winter's weeds and plant remnants, Nate tilled beds and meticulously rakes them flat and clean. He then seeded them with our six-row and jang seeders.

After two weeks, a lot of crops have germinated--but so have the weeds. We are now ideally on a weekly hoeing and hand pulling schedule for the next few weeks until the food crops get established. These arugula, radishes, and salad greens should be ready to eat in April--just in time to be replaced by early tomato plants.

House construction is progressing slowly but surely. The structure is complete, wood paneling is going up, and electrical/utilities are being completed.

We now co-own a portable saw mill with some friends, which will make our woods more useful for construction and art projects.

Welcome March! Hopefully the mud passes quickly, weeds grow slowly, and we can move in to our home soon. See you Saturday at the Kerrytown Market with kale bunches and beef! 

Happy thoughts,