Beef for sale this fall!

Our cattle are fed only grass and hay from our farm. They are certified organic. We will have 1/4, 1/2, and whole animals available for purchase this fall, 2019. To purchase and for more information, please FILL OUT THIS FORM.

Our Herd History…

In the spring of 2016 we purchased four pregnant Red Devon cows from an organic farm in mid Michigan. They have all now calved and voila! We have a real herd of cattle.

Devon is a breed that was originally developed over several centuries on the southwestern peninsula of England. They  were valued for the production of both high quality beef and rich milk. They have very thick hides which gives them better resistance to external parasites and tolerate weather changes and extremes of temperature.  The breed also had the reputation as an easy keeper, able to thrive on rough forage. The Pilgrims brought Devon cattle with them to New England beginning in 1623. The cattle also went west, as Devon oxen were the draft animals of choice on the Oregon Trail. 

They have since separated into two separate lines--Milking Devons (primarily used for dairy) and Red Devons (primarily used for beef). 


Summer of 2016 we purchased our bull Charles, pictured above with Nate and Graham. He is a British White bull--and is so sweet!

The modern day breed of British Whites can claim direct links with the ancient indigenous wild white cattle of Great Britain, notably from the park at Whalley Abbey, Lancashire which was bought by Richard Assheton in 1553. From there the breed history intertwines with White Park Cattle until 1946 when they each formed their own registries. 

They are known for :

  • Gentle Disposition

  • Naturally Polled (no horns)

  • Fertility & Ease in Calving

  • Efficient & Trouble Free

  • Superior Maternal Instinct

  • Excellent Milking Ability

  • Growth & Hardiness

  • Excellent flavor and tenderness

By crossing these two ancient breeds we will get offspring that have the best of both breeds!

Buying cattle is an investment for the future.  Thanks to our supporters:

Slow Food Huron Valley for a mini-grant to expand our herd

Janet Shenk and Family

Sandy and Warren Lada