Custom Transplants for Professional Growers


Custom grown to fit your crop plan

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 Early to late season availability

How it works:  We can grow a variety of custom transplants to fit your planting schedule.  Please contact us to schedule a phone consultation where we can discuss details.  We will then send you an order sheet where you can fill out varieties, quantities, and timing.  We can make variety suggestions based on our own experience but can ultimately grow anything you want provided the seeds meet the organic standards for availability and coatings.  Seed and shipping costs are not included in the cost per flat. Once we receive your order we will order seeds and add them to your bill. See below for per-flat pricing.

Paper Pot Transplanter: Currently the glue for the chains is under review by OEFFA and they are not allowing it to be used for new farms. We have been grandfathered in for this season to sell and grow paper pot transplants for other farms and our own use. We typically grow alliums and spinach using this system, though there are other crops that do well. We rent the transplanter for $30/day. 

Crop Availability

Allium, Open Tray (~300/tray) $45

Allium, Paperpot tray $60 264 per tray

Brassicas 128 cell $20

Swiss chard 128 Cell $20

Corn 72 Cell $25

Lettuce 128 Cell $25

Pelleted Lettuce 128 Cell $20

Melons 50 Cell $20

Peppers 72 Cell $35

Spinach 128 Cell $20

Paper Pot Spinach $45 264 Cell

Squash winter or summer 50 Cell $20

Tomato 50 Cell $20

Flowers are all in 72 cell flats. Contact us for details! Available species:

  • ammi
  • ammobium
  • atriplex
  • cerinthe
  • celosia
  • Craspedia
  • cress
  • cynoglossum
  • cosmos
  • didiscus
  • kale
  • matricaria
  • scabiosa
  • snapdragons
  • statice
  • strawflower
  • verbena
  • zinnia